Bestseller launches affordable brand Produkt to target the millennial population in India

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17-July-2019  |  2 mins read

Produkt to be launched in India
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Bestseller, the Danish fashion group, has launched a new brand in India to target its millennial population.

The affordable brand called Produkt will add another feather in the already diverse portfolio of the group.

Talking about the brand, Vineet Gautam, Country Head, Bestseller India said, “Produkt is part of our global bandwidth of brands which we operate, and this is an extremely affordable Millennial brand, meant for the young population of this country.”

The brand, which includes three main ranges – Pro-Night, Urban-Pro and Pro-Leisure – will be entering the Indian market with an Autumn/Winter collection in the West and South regions.

“With this affordably priced brand, our intent is to bring international trends into the market of distribution – a space where currently not many brands operate. We have been looking at launching something interesting in this segment for a few years now. Both Pro-Leisure and Pro-Night are very strong parts of the collection and they will be our strengths in the market,” he added.

Internationally, Produkt is a menswear brand but in India, it is going to be positioned as a unisex brand.

“For the first two seasons, we will start only with men’s collection and establish the product. The globally designed, made in India brand will be launching many more products and lines once it gets the eco-system right. It will also be a part of the same global strategy of ours to operate with high compliance and sustainability,” Gautam said.

Over time, the brand will be launching its website as well as branching out into EBOs.

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