Heimtextil 2019 Trend Space head towards Utopia

by Shubhi Srivastava

05-November-2018  |  7 mins read

Heimtextil Trends 2019-20
Heimtextil Trends 2019-20

Keeping pace with consumer preferences is becoming a challenge and this is true not only for the apparel industry, but also for the home fashion segment. Months in advance, Heimtextil 2019, in collaboration with world’s renowned design and trend experts, unveils the new direction their Trend Space exhibit will take – Towards Utopia – underlining the search for peace and happiness in today’s world of conflicts.

Sustainability was a topic that imbibed itself slowly and subtly in the consumer’s day-to-day conversation over the last decade, and even though the concept is an old notion now, it is still getting stronger and is here to stay. Just like other industries such as automobile and fashion, the stakeholders in the industry of home textiles and soft furnishing are also striving to imbibe sustainability in their processes and products. This has made them move towards a new society that has a place for everyone and respects space of every single entity and its environment, a new ‘utopia’ – a place that lays its foundation and subsequent growth on individual responsibility, positive actions and optimism.

Keeping true to its reputation of leading the way in home fashion, Heimtextil 2019 is coming back with the promise of an experience of five interactive scenarios, or trends that will shed light upon the future living concepts that the soft furnishing and home décor industry would take. Nestled in the corridors of Hall 3.0, this exhibit will be showcased in Trend Space, which was formerly known as Theme Park. It offers an industry-specific overview of the latest market dynamics, developments and the trends for 2019-20. These trends were created by several international design and trend experts in collaboration with Heimtextil after analysing the latest tendencies and market inclinations making the exhibit the highlight of the fair.

The five scenarios that are encompassed in this series of trends under the core theme of ‘utopia’ for the coming season are – ‘Escape Reality’ which is a dive into the digital universe; ‘Embrace Indulgence’ which redefines luxury for the future; ‘Off-Grid’ to wipe yourself of the web and be one with nature; the playful and lively ‘Pursue Play’ scenario and ‘Seek Sanctuary’ to find an escape from the humdrums of the modernised life.

Let’s delve into what these trends will exhibit and the directions that are reflected for stakeholders and society at large.


Escape Reality
Escape Reality

The quest for a new utopia can be fulfilled in the real as well as in the digital world. The yet to be tapped potential of virtual and augmented reality is already an influential feat as it has been highly successful in blurring the boundaries between imagination and reality. People often indulge in technology that enables them to have a more knowledgeable and deeper set of experiences and this results in digital tactility. The section will showcase an essence of the grey area of technical divide and set of clean-cut lines and shapes to uphold the notion of ‘escaping reality, upholding technology’.


Embrace Indulgence
Embrace Indulgence

Luxury is a way of life that will sustain through the sands of time and holds a space in our future desired society too. Nothing resonates better with luxury than high quality materials, art deco elements and solid craftsmanship. The opulence of earlier eons rich with cultural heritage will meet the peaceful welcoming aesthetics in modernist style in this scenario. Clever conjugation of lush materials juxtaposed over creatively implemented ideas will provide the luxurious confluence of comfort, intimacy and a tactile experience.


Go Off-Grid

As the realisation of affinity towards nature eclipses the monotonous interaction with the concrete jungle, the new generation is looking for ways to be closer to nature. Done to reunite with our roots and to gain cross-border experiences, the ‘Go Off-grid’ section will give a glimpse of ethereal nature-inspired prints and drapes that are focused on the raw and technical aspects of outdoorsy textiles and work clothing. The exhibit will highlight the utilitarian aesthetics while promising durability and functionality.


Pursue Play

To uphold the banner of optimism, escapism and creativity in the face of an era that thrives on the dynamics created by issues of political, environmental and social kind, consumers use playful activities and recreation as crutches to survive. Bringing out the colourful side of oneself, comes the ‘Pursue Play’ edit. The designers of this exhibit will focus their creativity to provide an uninhibited, tactile and interactive experience. Visitors can expect an assortment of bold and daring designs of products, interior spaces and fashion all splashed in myriad of colours that are enlivened with a touch of humour.


Seek Sanctuary

This scenario resonates with the demanding wave of mental peace and clarity that is taking over the world in reaction to the noise of our hyperconnected daily lives in search of materialism. It promises urban oases that serve as a source of relaxation and clarity. The design pieces would provide a clear sense of aesthetics that are simple in nature yet come with the promise of functional and high quality.

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