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Medha Patkar behind turbulence at India’s most sustainable garment export house?

by Apparel Resources

16-July-2018  |  3 mins read

It seems that NGOs have become a major sore-point for Indian apparel exporters. The latest incident involves Indore-based apparel export house Pratibha Syntex, which is attracting flak from Medha Patkar, Indian social activist, as claimed by nearby villagers and sources working at the export house. The company manufactures garments for some of the most respected brands and buyers across the globe. As per reports, its two factories are not operational due to workers’ unrest which has been apparently instigated by Medha Patkar. So far, company has dismissed 76 ‘notorious’ workers and offered all other workers to work in the third unit.

Sources informed Apparel Resources that workers were being misguided by the NGO to intentionally go slow in production from 1st June and many of them went on strike from 15th June. They were provoked to ask for hike in salary. However, after an emergency meeting between workers’ union, villagers, and company’s management, nearly 5000 workers have shown willingness to work with the company. The villagers, who are offering various services like running their shops for the factory workers etc., are also facing loss due to suspension of operations.

Now, as local villagers have come forward to support the company, the organisation is taking fresh initiatives for confidence building. “We are giving school fees for worker’s children which will not be charged from their salary. Because of our proactive approach, many workers are now ready to work in the third unit,” informed Mukesh Vyas, Corporate HR-Head of the company.

Mukesh added, “As it is election year in Madhya Pradesh, anti-social elements are instigating workers by spreading lies. It is well-known that we always follow all rules and regulations.” He further added that on an average, the company increases the salary of its workers by Rs. 1000 every year and majority of operators get production incentives of nearly Rs. 5000 per month.

As per confirmed factory sources, the loss so far incurred by the company is nearly Rs. 11 cr., as company’s orders have got delayed and it had to pay penalty and air ship the goods. Currently, the factory is running at 60 to 70 per cent capacity and it will take a few more days to get the operations running smoothly.