Scientists develop ‘cooling jacket’ for labourers working in strenuous conditions

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10-January-2019  |  2 mins read

Cooling Jacket
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Factory workers who work in hot and severe weather conditions now have a reason to cheer. The National Institute of Occupational Health, a government body of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has developed a Personal Cooling Garment (PCG) that cools down temperature by 15 degree Celsius. The garment is an efficient micro-climate cooling system so as to maintain comfortable skin and body core temperatures.

The PCG comprises of a jacket-like enclosure creating an interior space around wearer’s upper part of the body. The ice-chilled coolant is re-circulated via silicon tube system with the help of a small-size battery operated water pump.

Apart from garment factory workers, workers in ceramic industries and iron and steel foundries will also be befitted by the jacket.

“The garment would reduce the temperature of the human body. It has silicon tubes, a box which has 2 kg of ice and 500 ml water with a 12 volt battery and pump. The water goes inside the tubes and the same water comes outside from the other outlet. Whenever the water comes out, it makes the entire jacket cool thus cooling down the body by 15 °C.” – Joydeep Majumder, Scientist, National Institute of Occupational Health, ICMR 

Majumdar added that Silicon can easily hold a lot of pressure. One can easily wear it with ease and it doesn’t deflate easily. Moreover the PCG cools the body for two and a half hours time even if the temperature is 40 degree Celsius or above and after that the wearer has to refill it with ice.

Besides this, the jacket is lightweight and easy to use. The jacket does not cost more than Rs 1,000. Majumder mentioned, “The next step is to approach the Labour Ministry to make it mandatory for the industrialists to provide this garment to their workers.”

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