The BTS of apparel industry – the factory, production methods, shopfloor management, the workers’ side of the story, training programs and compliances.

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Quality Engineering: An emerging concept to ease quality worries

Gone are the days when quality of the product was solely dependent on the strong and mighty quality ...

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‘A turnaround journey – from cost to profitability’

Having worked with many leading companies from the garment export industry, both on buying and export side, Ranjiv ...

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Smart Line Balancing to Increase Efficiency

The science and mathematics behind line balancing are always shunned by practicing managers, saying that mathematical calculations do ...

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Combatting First-hour Productivity Woes

First-hour productivity is very critical and sets the pace for the whole day, yet more often than not ...

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Double shift manufacturing among many other pursuits of East West Industrial Park: The Suit Manufacturing Pioneer

East West Industrial Park recently courted a few new challenges to push the frontiers and reset examples of ...

8 months ago  |  9 mins read

Shop floor control in apparel production

Shop floor control begins by understanding the reason for control. Two views of running a production floor are ...

8 months ago  |  30 mins read