Jaipur’s Fashion Images Overseas improves production quality with Rs 50 lakh investment

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

19-August-2018  |  2 mins read

Aseem Singla, Director, Fashion Images Overseas, Jaipur
Image Courtesy: Apparel Resources

To overcome the growing challenges of apparel export sector, many exporters across India are working to improve their overall working system by investing in quality, automation, and efficiency. Jaipur-based apparel exporter Fashion Images Overseas is also one of them. With the investment of Rs. 50 lakh, the company recently adopted auto thread trimmers, for two level checking of grey as well as printed and dyed fabric. Proper infrastructure has been set up for the same.

The company manufacturing nearly 70,000 pieces of ladies garments has prestigious high-end clients in countries like Japan, Australia, and the US.

Aseem Singla, Director of the company shared with Apparel Resources, “We have got good results as the work on shop floor which was being done earlier in 8 hours, now it takes less than half -time.”

In recent years, Aseem made few visits to his Japan-based clients and observed his shipments deciding on what changes can be done in Jaipur’s factory. It motivated him to change his company’s hiring process also.

Earlier it had the majority of illiterate workers in the checking department and the majority of work was being done manually. Recently the company has started hiring literate freshers and paying them little more wage. “We trained these freshers according to our systems and assigned the responsibility of the particular job. It resulted positively ad in last few months overall quality has improved a lot. Our alteration has come down impressively”

Moving forward Aseem wants to make sure that these improvements can be a constant part of the factory. “Our efforts will be having a shop floor where at one end start with fabric cutting and at another end, stitched garment should get the package. So, we have minimum stock and maximum output,” he concluded.

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