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Open Apparel Registry: Industry’s new buzzword that talks about transparency

OAR maps apparel factories globally and assigns a unique ID number to each. The Open Apparel Registry (OAR) launches free, open source global map of apparel facilities.

Apr 17 19  |  Sustainability

The Works Committees strengthening the working of a factory

Works Committee, Health and Safety Committee, Internal Complaint Committee, Canteen Committee and Grievance Handling Committee are pillars for the smooth functioning of a garment factory.

Feb 17 19  |  Sustainability

Condition of Indian home-based garment sector… not so much tainted!

A recent report ‘Tainted Garments: The Exploitation of Women and Girls in India’s Home-based Garment Sector’ has serious findings regarding India’s home-based garment sector. Apparel Resources explored the report as well as the other side of the story.

Feb 13 19  |  Sustainability

How ODLO, a premium performance sportswear brand, is becoming more sustainable

According to the Sustainability report 2017/2018 released by the Swiss-based ODLO, the premium performance sportswear brand is becoming more sustainable

Jan 16 19  |  Sustainability

HERproject: Improving the life of apparel workers

Collective efforts of brands, NGOs and apparel exporters are benefitting the overall life of apparel factory workers. One such example is HERproject, which comprises of initiatives like HERfinance, HERrespect and HERhealth.

Jan 03 19  |  Sustainability

Another fire incident takes lives of garment workers! A deeper look into the sorry state of affairs

Four workers of a garment factory died as fire broke out in the unit at India’s national capital Delhi recently. There are thousands of small and medium size garment factories that are operational illegally in other cities as well.

Nov 21 18  |  Sustainability


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