Lectra India confers ways to ‘optimise cutting room operations’

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16-March-2018  |  3 mins read

Vectra, a computerised cutting machine by Lectra
Vectra, a computerised cutting machine by Lectra

A day-long seminar on Sustainability in Fashion – titled “Drive Sustainable Production with Lectra Design to Manufacture” – was recently organised by Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather, in Tirupur – the knitwear hub of India.

The event served as a platform to various top apparel exporters and mass manufacturers present in the region as they got a chance to share their experience and explore ‘technology to optimise operations in the cutting room’.

Further, the importance of service contracts and how it actually benefits a customer along with discussing the significance of genuine consumables and spares were explained by Somina Mehrotra, Field Marketing Manager, Lectra India. While Prasenjeet Shambharkar, Solutions Consultant, Lectra spoke on the importance of cutting room and how one can adlib to achieve higher efficiency in the cutting room by enabling changes and monitoring the task.

According to Lectra, fashion companies need to acclimatize how they operate as social and economic changes have majorly impacted the way fashion is being designed, developed, produced and consumed over time.

Lectra Seminar on Sustainability in Fashion
‘Drive Sustainable Production with Lectra Design to Manufacture’ Seminar in Tirupur

At the event, it was also observed and deliberated that due to the increasing labour issues, this ‘labour-intensive’ industry has no cost-advantage in that sense. Thus, automation and the need to adapt to the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution, which at the core of Lectra, have become top priorities.

The industry players observed that investing early in the lifecycle will give a competitive edge and faster ROI on technology spending. The seminar indicated that establishment of smart factories is in focus with Industry 4.0 coming in. This will help work and operate smartly in a way that machines, devices, sensors and people connect and communicate with each other to foster serviceability and predictability. And, Lectra has got all the amenities needed in the era of Industrial Internet of Things to automate and optimise design and development of fashion collections.

Markedly, Lectra is known for serving the major world markets, be it fashion and apparel, automotive or furniture, with its solutions.

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