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10 Popular ERP solution providers

by Apparel Resources

29-April-2017  |  8 mins read

ERP SolutionA number of apparel factories still rely on manual daily production or hourly production reports, making the management of information a daunting task. Combining information technology with conventional manufacturing system helps in keeping track of all the merchandising and shop floor operations, like costing, material planning, production planning, inventory management, etc.  In a digitally connected environment, ERP is the efficient solution to streamline operations, increase transparency, reduce reliance on manual, and ensure timely execution of operations. Team StitchWorld presents 10 popular ERP solutions that have their presence in apparel manufacturing.

World Fashion Exchange (India)

WFX apparel manufacturing ERP software enables users to access WFX fashion ERP software securely from anywhere.

With the Cloud, the user can get the latest releases and upgrades of the application automatically included in the subscription. State-of-the-art physical and digital internet security assures complete protection of the data; add unlimited users, departments, offices, buyers and suppliers at any time.
Matrix Clothing, Modelama Exports, Triburg, ASMARA, Gokaldas Exports Ltd., and Brandix are some of the names that use WFX ERP.

Ecotech Software Pvt. Ltd. (India)

STAGE ERP, an exclusive solution especially designed for the apparel and textile industry, integrates various modules in a factory like business – costing & budgeting, accounts & finance, T&A; production – production planning, barcoding, production tracking, machine repairs & maintenance; retail – retail orders, point of sale, returns; and processing – knitting, weaving, dyeing and embroidery.

Ecotech is serving all the major players like Raymond, Future Group, Scotts Garments, Gokaldas Images, Kitex, Vardhman, Indian Terrain, Laguna, Cotton Blossom, Ghim Li Singapore, Greenland Dhaka, Busana Remaja Indonesia.

Datatex (India)

NOW ERP by Datatex is the ultimate solution for the apparel industry, brands, private labels, from fibre or yarn to garments or cut and sew only. The ERP manages product development, merchandising, purchasing flow, production planning, inventory, shopfloor management and scheduling. The company’s vertical ERP solution is based on the latest web-based technology and provides its local support in 5 continents. The web-solution is based and managed in the cloud. Infinite Computer Solution is the company’s agent in India.

Datatex ERP has been incorporated in Maral Overseas, RSWM, Vardhman Textiles and Beximco Textile.

Royal Datamatics (India)

A solution by Royal Datamatics, APPS™ – Manufacturing is a full-fledged ERP application that covers all the activities that take place in an apparel manufacturing setup from merchandising, procurement, inventory management, production planning & control, bundle ticketing to financial accounting, HR & Payroll, and invoicing and shipping.

Apart from apparel, made-ups, textile, leather manufacturing are the other sectors that APPS serve. Afflatus International, Sahu Exports, Paragon Apparel, Pee Empro, Strange Exports are a few names that have APPS operating in their factories.

Axind Software Pvt. Ltd. (India)

ChainReaction® PLM+ is designed by Axind Software Pvt. Ltd. for companies to spend more time in designing fast selling products and less time in managing people and processes. It allows creation and sharing of style catalogues and specifications, management of orders and shipments, record approvals and tests, creation of costing sheets in multiple currencies, management of sampling and production orders, management of vendor information and compliances and tracking of shipments.

Arvind Lifestyle, Benetton, Super Group, Jockey, La Senza are some of the customers of Chain Reaction.

Axon Infosoft India Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Used as a vital management tool in the manufacturing units of apparel, Apparel + by Axon Infosoft automates the entire operation of the garment manufacturing process with seamless integration at all levels and is also web-enabled. The solution has a unique MIS query which is totally web-enabled with drilled down facility. This backtracking feature helps the top management to monitor the activities happening in the organization over the web. Automatic alarming and messaging on enquiry follow-ups, order summary, cost deviations, schedule with Time and Action calendar deviations, reminders on approval deadlines, quality definitions and control, payables and receivables alerts, Bill pass pending list, etc., are some of the unique features integrated into the software. It also supports digitization of the documents, International EDI and bar coding integration at all levels.

The solution is used in Cotton Crafts, Best International, Enrich Exports, Golden Fashions and more.

Xcendant (Sri Lanka)

TOPS (Total Order Processing System) provided by Xcendant, formerly known as Excelsoft Technologies, is a comprehensive apparel manufacturing specific ERP, which provides a total end-to-end solution encompassing the total business process from inquiry cost sheets to the final shipping documentation. This integrated package provides 100% transparency throughout the organization allowing real time capturing of data.

This software has been implemented at Quantum Clothing in India.

CSL Software Resources Ltd. (Bangladesh)

CSL Software Resources developed Kandaree which is an integrated solution that covers the entire process of an apparel manufacturing unit. From price quotation to actual shipment and export proceeds realization, Kandaree manages all the business processes of a company. It is an integrated solution which means that data entered from one department of the company are shared with everyone in the company. In fact no data is allowed to be entered twice in the system. Kandaree collects data from the actual business process execution and not through any data entry operation. This provides authenticity of the data as well as internal process control at the operational point of the process. Kandaree also covers different sub-verticals within the wider garment sector.

Jeevan Infotech (India)

FIT ERP is developed by Jeevan Infotech and its price affordability makes it an attractive solution. The solution provides a complete view of business information with real time data. Easy to use, it helps its customers make quick decisions and can be easily scaled to the size of business. The multilingual capability enables users to launch the application in a language of their choice in quick time.

Eastman Exports, Star Denim, AG Fashion, RBR Garments and many other big players in garment sector have integrated their systems with FIT ERP.

Exilant Technologies (India)

Designed by Exilant Technologies, Seamless ERP helps garment manufacturers align with the competitive market requirements by achieving cutting edge automation. Seamless suite gives real time visibility into the cost of execution, better operational control, quality improvement, timely execution and shipment tracking. Combined with the planning tool Razorplan, it covers the complete spectrum of apparel operations.

Vigosa Exports, Texport Garments, Mandhana Industries are some of the organizations who have installed this ERP System.