Narinder International introduces Kaixing circular knitting machines to Indian market

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30-July-2018  |  2 mins read

Circular Knitting Machine
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Narinder International, a Ludhiana based technology supplier, has announced the addition of circular knitting machines from Kaixing, in its portfolio.

Kaixing is a Chinese brand which manufactures high speed circular knitting machines.

The company will offer a diverse range of products from Kaixing which includes single jersey machines (open width and tube width), interlock machines (open width and tube width), rib machines (plain), rib transfer jacquard and fine rib, three thread fleece machines, valour terry machines, terry jacquard machines, coral machines, interlock jacquard machines, and double face terry machine.

The high-speed single jersey machine has a cylindrical diameter of 12’’- 52’’. It can knit fabrics of gauges from 12G to 43G. The machine has used high quality cast iron to prevent parts from deforming and provide better quality. It also allows single jersey machines to be transformed into terry machines or fleece machines, thus offering flexibility in knitting.

Cams made of alloy steel are used to carve and ground in CNC machine which makes the needle track smooth and the needle durable while machines run at high speed. Further, the newly designed central stitch system adjusts fabric weight simply and accurately, which helps to improve efficiency.

The brand’s circular knitting machines is known for its quality and innovation. It has its installation in China as well as other countries.

The company is happy to introduce the machine into the Indian market. It further ensures easy availability of Kaixing spare parts and accessories.

Narinder International is a well-known importer and distributors of circular knitting, dyeing, finishing and related textile machines in India since 1987.

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