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Disrupting The Plus-Size Market All By Future Group

The Venture by the retail giant that is working towards democratisation of fashion making plus size clothing mainstream

Nov 12, 2019  |  Retail

How deep-rooted is the economic slowdown for the retail ecosystem?

While retailers and manufacturers reel from dipping sales, the RBI assures that the slowdown is a cyclic one rather than structural.

Nov 09, 2019  |  Retail

Weeding Out The Cannabis Stigma: Boheco

The brainchild of seven like minded individuals that is today the catalyst in hemp revolution in India

Nov 08, 2019  |  Sustainability

AKR Industries steadily marching towards Rs. 1,000 crore goal

With so many interesting practices that are uncommon in Indian garment sector, it’s not surprising to see AKR Industries steadily march towards Rs. 1,000 crore goal.

Nov 08, 2019  |  Sourcing

Of The Earth, For The Earth: Maati By Neha Kabra

A conscious label that incorporates sustainability in the smallest levels of its processes.

Nov 07, 2019  |  Sustainability

No More A Kid’s Play: Kidswear Industry Getting Organised For Good

Kidswear segment in India has grown by leaps and bounds and now governs an equitable share of the overall apparel market size in India.

Nov 05, 2019  |  Retail


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5 experts decode the FDI norms for apparel Industry!

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