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Saaksha and Kinni: Craft and Commerce’s Intimate Relationship

A clear understanding of consumer demand and ample experience with Indian embroideries, this young design duo leads the ...

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UK Based Designer ‘Sketch(es)’ a Global Fashion Brand with Indian Colours

A quirky and preppy British brand that stands by ethics and sustainability, Sketch brings affordable fashion and effortless ...

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Indian Couture embroidery biz rides high on artisan retention and premium quality

The second segment of our story breaking down how Mumbai became the silent but proud crown-bearer of one ...

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How androgyny is shaking up fashion norms

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The Epitome of Premium Fashion

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Levi’s Makes Jeans Stronger

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“Map and stamp” your “travel” inspiration…

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‘Street art’ translation into fashion…

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Fashion bestsellers that made the cut in S/S’14

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Thronged by Buying Offices & Fashion Designers

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Trend Forecasting, A Journey Then… Now…

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