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Ecofriendly initiatives, govt support: This is how apparel industry is coping with extra expenses

There are many reasons that add to the expenses of an apparel manufacturer or entrepreneur. However, the industry men have found their way to deal with it.

Apr 20 19  |  Sourcing

Triburg, one of India’s biggest buying houses, is on a downfall? Here’s the truth

Triburg is one of India’s biggest buying houses. Recently there were some strong abuzz regarding company’ clients and business scenario, with some claiming that the company is on a downfall. Here’s the truth behind it.

Apr 12 19  |  Sourcing

Indian govt’s latest schemes for the textile industry receive mixed response

Apparel exporters are of the view that it is too early to say about the real positive impact of recent positive announcements of Government. They have many reasons for the same opinion.

Apr 02 19  |  Sourcing

Smart ways by which companies are tackling MOQ issues while sourcing from Bangladesh

Small and medium level vendors, strong partnership with fabric manufacturers and factory being able to change its lines easily, are some of the ways brands and retailers are using to tackle the issue of MOQ while sourcing from Bangladesh.

Mar 29 19  |  Sourcing

Is Jaipur on its way to be the next Tirupur!

With growing focus on automation, training initiative, innovative and wide product variety range, aggressively working association…. Jaipur is on its way to become India’s next Tirupur.

Mar 27 19  |  Sourcing

Role, roadblocks and remedies: How logistics is an integral part of indian apparel import industry

Logistics have been a vital part of the apparel import industry. For India too, the segment has played a prominent role for the import industry. While there are still many roadblocks, India has come a long way when it comes to logistics in apparel imports.

Mar 25 19  |  Sourcing


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