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Is Subscription Business Model the next Big Thing in Online Retail

Thinking inside the box – In a world that obsesses over thinking out of the box, many are ...

6 months ago  |  11 mins read

Amazon India bets big on high-end designer wear industry in 2018

Amazon India takes the high-fashion route to grow its market share in the local fashion industry, unveils ‘The ...

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India Cracks the Modest Fashion Myth

Western modernism and Islamic conservatism have long been at war on the topic of fashion liberalization, but now ...

7 months ago  |  8 mins read

Global Luxury Retail India Emerges as Preferred Sourcing Hub

An insight into the increasingly booming business of luxury fashion buying from India and the sudden spike of ...

7 years ago  |  12 mins read

Sportswear brands go all out to target women consumers globally

There has been a tremendous growth in the women’s sportswear market and global sportswear brands have been competing ...

7 years ago  |  8 mins read

Indian Fashion Retailer Aza credits rigorous selection process for its brand’s growth

Luxury fashion retailer, Aza sheds light on the key role that buyers are playing in bringing Indian craftsmanship ...

7 years ago  |  8 mins read