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‘Fight’ over textile industry! After Patna V/S Punjab, now Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh are at loggerheads!

Last year it was Patna V/S Punjab as Bihar was trying hard to fetch investment from Ludhiana’ textile and apparel industry. Now, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are at loggerheads over same issue.

Jan 21 19  |  Trade

Duty Drawback Decline: Apparel industry stands divided over the issue

Due to continuous decrease, Duty Drawback has lost its charm in Indian apparel exporters. While the industry has different views on the issue, it is strongly of the opinion that without the government support, survival is not possible.

Jan 12 19  |  Trade

Meet winners of first ever awards organised by the Ministry of Textiles

Prashant Mohota, MD, Gimatex Industries; Amit Kailash Khator, MD, Khator Technical Textiles; A. Mythili, Proprietor, Vishwaa Apparels and many more were honoured by the Ministry of Textiles.

Jan 11 19  |  Trade

Experts advise! How to minimise risks of exports

Logistics, foreign exchange, insurance, cybersecurity… there are variety of risks in export business. Explore what is the take of experts on these risks and their best possible solutions.

Jan 05 19  |  Trade

Bangladesh apparel exporters gung ho on India as export destination

Garment manufacturers from Bangladesh upbeat on India as an export destination; share their perspective with Apparel Resources.

Jan 04 19  |  Trade

Internal factors of India that may impact apparel export industry in 2019

General election, finalisation of various important policies, exporters’ tilt towards Indian domestic market are major internal factors of India that will have an impact on the apparel export industry in 2019.

Jan 04 19  |  Trade


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