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4th CRB Conference discusses core issues in apparel industry

The 4th Edition of "India and Sustainability Standard" CRB Conference discussed the key issues of apparel industry and ...

10 months ago  |  12 mins read

Textile Sustainability Conference Calls for Cotton Farmers to Take Centre Stage

Textile Exchange’s 2017 Conference on Textile Sustainability puts the cotton farmers at the focus for taking the right ...

10 months ago  |  8 mins read

Tirupur praised for its efforts to clean River Noyyal

Knitwear hub Tirupur praised for its environmental efforts for cleaning River Noyyal.

11 months ago  |  5 mins read

Next Retail Focuses on Investing in Best Ethical Standards, Human Rights

Next Retail Ltd. is focusing primarily on ethical standards and human rights to achieve sustainable ethical goals in ...

7 years ago  |  10 mins read

A&E Sustainability Report Highlights ‘Contribution’ at all Fronts

American & Efird (A&E) has proved strong in its commitment to eco-friendly practices with measurable contributions reported...

7 years ago  |  5 mins read

SAC Focuses on 2020 Vision for Sustainability in Apparel, Footwear

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is focussed on shaping the sustainability initiatives and projections by 2020 and beyond ...

7 years ago  |  7 mins read