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HERproject: Improving the life of apparel workers

Collective efforts of brands, NGOs and apparel exporters are benefitting the overall life of apparel factory workers. One such example is HERproject, which comprises of initiatives like HERfinance, HERrespect and HERhealth.

Jan 03 19  |  Sustainability

Another fire incident takes lives of garment workers! A deeper look into the sorry state of affairs

Four workers of a garment factory died as fire broke out in the unit at India’s national capital Delhi recently. There are thousands of small and medium size garment factories that are operational illegally in other cities as well.

Nov 21 18  |  Sustainability

Safety measures that Delhi-NCR’s apparel factories are taking for increasing women workforce on shop floor

With the help of international brands, many apparel factories of Delhi-NCR are increasing women workforce on the shop floor.

Oct 22 18  |  Sustainability

ICSTS discusses multi-stakeholder sectoral initiatives and responsible sourcing

Speakers with varying expertise discussed multi-stakeholder sectoral initiatives and responsible sourcing during the two-day International Convention on Sustainable Trade & Standards.

Sep 26 18  |  Sustainability

2018 Global Responsibility Report- Walmart Becoming more Sustainable, more Responsible

Walmart is doing a lot as far as sustainability is concerned. Its ‘2018 Global Responsibility Report’ talks in detail about its responsible sourcing and sustainable initiatives. Apparel Resources explores the report from a textile, sourcing perspective considering Walmart’s initiatives in India.

Sep 10 18  |  Sustainability

Sustainability From School, Vidyashilp Academy, India’s 1st Fairtrade School

Creating sustainability concerned next generation, Vidyashilp Academy is India’s 1st Fairtrade School.

Sep 01 18  |  Sustainability


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