The Hottest Brands of 2019 Q2

by Anjori Grover Vasesi

11-October-2019  |  9 mins read

The Lyst Index has revealed the hottest brands of Q2 2019 based on the online shopping behavior of more than five million shoppers by taking into account global Lyst and Google search data, conversion rates and sales, and social media engagement over a three month period.

Beyoncé and Rihanna emerged as ‘The Most Powerful Forces in Fashion’.

Beyoncé revealed that she was working with Adidas on a multi-layered partnership, co-creating new performance and lifestyle products alongside relaunching her Ivy Park athleisure brand. After she announced the collaboration on Instagram, Adidas’ social impressions grew by 61% within 24 hours, global searches for Beyoncé x Adidas spiked 2,700%, and Ivy Park moved 140 positions up the Index. Global searches for Adidas increased 31% over the quarter, and the brand has moved 3 places up the Index into 16th position.

Just two weeks later, Rihanna became LVMH’s first black female designer, with the official announcement of the launch of Fenty maison, a new luxury fashion house. In its first month of operation, the new luxury house generated more than 5,000 media articles from around the world and over 7 million social media impressions. Described by LVMH as a “luxury brand for the 21st century” that “epitomises both the spirit of Rihanna and a new approach to modern luxury,” Fenty’s inclusive take on luxury fashion has delivered major marketing impact. A cast of diverse models and influencers, “see-now-wear-now” strategy, limited-edition product drops and the pop-up boutiques in key locations have kept Fenty front of mind with media worldwide this quarter.

Embracing diversity remains a key initiative for the brands in the Index. Nike debuted new body- diverse mannequins, and Dolce & Gabbana became the first luxury label to extend its sizing to a UK 22 / US 20. Sustainability also played an important role over the past three months: Prada joined the anti-fur movement, Burberry pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and Adidas released a fully sustainable collection in partnership with Stella McCartney. Meanwhile, Gucci, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent all pledged to stop using models under the age of 18.

Climbing back into the top spot, Gucci has once again reclaimed number one position in the Index, overtaking Off-White and Balenciaga and becoming the world’s hottest fashion brand for the fifth time over the past two years.

Gucci’s impactful brand moments of the quarter included a politically charged Cruise collection featuring embellished uteruses and new campaigns with Harry Styles, which contributed to the global success of the label.

*The Lyst Index is a quarterly ranking of fashion’s hottest brands and products.

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