W & Aurelia join hands to launch their first store in Ajmer

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11-June-2019  |  2 mins read

W & Aurelia
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Ajmer gets its first ethnicwear store thanks to W and Aurelia!

TCNS Clothing, India’s leading women’s branded ethnic apparel company which retails W as well as Aurelia, recently opened its first combined store in Ajmer.

The store panders to the ethnic market by bringing together the two quintessential Indian brands, under one roof, for the very first time. Sprawling across 870 sq. ft., it is divided into two distinct sections for the two brands on either side.

One part of the store displays the collection of W, with a complete range of styles featuring an extensive mix of kurtas, fashion bottoms like palazzos, skirts, trousers, dupattas and accessories to match every occasion, thus providing a complete wardrobe solution for women. The latest collection for the season has taken a sustainable route with the ‘Yolo Dress’. Notably, the Yolo signifies, when you live only once, this is the dress to live by.

The other part of the store offers classic and contemporary ensembles with an extensive range of styles, colours, fabrics, silhouettes, prints, patterns and embroidery to choose from and also exhibit the collection of Aurelia highlighting the Bollywood diva Disha Patani’s latest ‘That Disha Look’; inspired by her wardrobe. The collection offers dreamy flowy dresses with traditional motifs, easy-to-carry but elegant workwear and gorgeous festive clothing which are perfectly displayed in the centre ramp on the mannequins inside the store.

Delighted by the acceptance and success of both the brands, TCNS is expanding its geographic presence to cater to the demands of its loyal customer base. (Read our full story: Aurelia comes up with a new store in Nepal)

The combined store adopts a unified communication style for the brand, reinforcing brand authenticity, enabling a seamless customer journey at the store.

The brand has always stood apart, delivering refined, trendy ethnicwear designs, with a contemporary and modern touch of fashion. The collection on display is a reflection of attempts to combine the feminine sensibilities of sophistication, with a hint of Indian craftsmanship.

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