Pee Empro Exports invests Rs. 40 crore in new plant

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

19-September-2019  |  1 min read

PMS Uppal, MD, Pee Empro Exports
PMS Uppal, MD, Pee Empro Exports

In its efforts to expand, Pee Empro Exports, one of the leading apparel export houses of Delhi-NCR, is investing Rs. 40 crore in its manufacturing plant of 2,000 machines at IMT, Faridabad.

What’s worth noting is that the plant is already in operation with an ongoing training programme for operators.

With nearly 500 workers already hired so far, the entire project will be completed in June 2020.

The industry is not doing well, so in such a scenario, what motivates the company for expansion?

PMS Uppal, MD, Pee Empro Exports, answers “We have to fight the challenges, the market is there. We can either see the problem or the opportunities. Fortunately, at Pee Empro Exports, we only see opportunities. And if there is an issue, we have a good team of intelligent people and we find a solution for that. We train our people to only work towards solutions.”

The company is also trying to bring more and more IT in the industry and is investing a lot in the same. Currently having a turnover of Rs. 350 crore, Pee Empro Exports is expecting to take it up to Rs. 550 crore in next 2 years.

“From last 3 years, our turnover is increasing by 20 per cent and this year also our target is still the same. We are working very hard to achieve that,” concludes Uppal.

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