Migratory workers return to work on time this year; industry still has mixed response

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

10-April-2019  |  2 mins read

Apparel workers

Migratory workers’ visiting their home towns and joining back their units in time is always critical for apparel factories. But this time on Holi festival, most of the workers of Delhi-NCR based factories came back on time which proved to be a big relief for these production facilities. Apart from Holi, these days are crucial due to the wheat cutting season. Besides the ongoing elections also added a twist to the condition.

“When workers were asking for leave, it was, as usual, a reason to worry as we have to complete the orders and If they don’t come on time, naturally there might be difficulties. But more or less, most of the workers came back as per their commitment. Our counselling proved fruitful.”

Archana Tomar Mann, Vice President – Compliance, CSR, Training & Development, Orient Craft, Gurgaon.

Few other factories too have a similar experience as they also faced worker absenteeism for around one week.

On the other hand, some factories faced difficulties as their workers did not report back even by the end of the first week of April. Almost 30 per cent of the workers were on leave and the factories were not sure when they would be back.

“I can’t say why they are not back; it may have something to do with election campaign, etc. But many of our workers are not back even after 12 days’ of culmination of Holi festival,” informed Vivek Saxena, Director, Moissanite Apparels, Noida. 

With the growing experience and counselling by the factories, workers are also becoming responsible and professional. They appreciate factory support and take leave accordingly by creating a balance between their as well as the factory’s need.

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